Yes, the NFL should be boycotted for their un-American protests.


No, I support the NFL players who are protesting the American flag and national anthem.

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As player protests grip the National Football League, public debate rages between those who feel kneeling for the flag and national anthem is un-American and disrespectful to our military, and those who support the protests.

President Donald Trump’s criticism of the player protests -- initiated by ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick -- and of the NFL itself caused the discussion to take center stage across the nation.

Here at Off the Wire, we pride ourselves as offering a patriotic alternative to the current sports and entertainment media, so we’d like to know your opinion as we get the pulse of everyday Americans and our readership on this hot button issue.

Should the NFL be boycotted because of their players’ protest of the American flag and national anthem, or do you support their protest?